Welcome to Oregon's Only Real Ale Public House and Brewery

Cask Beer The Brewers Union Local 180, Oregon's only Real Ale Pub and Brewery, is a blend of the best of the British Public House, the American spirit of adventure, and the natural scenic beauty of Oregon's Cascade Mountains. Situated in the center of Oakridge, which along with it's neighboring city of Westfir are the only cities in Oregon completely surrounded by National Forest, you will find a throwback to when the community gathered regularly to share news, when beer was brewed in the back of the pub and pulled from the cellar out of a cask, and when the weary traveler found a cozy nook and a good meal.

The Local 180 aspires to be neither a restaurant nor a bar, neither a coffeeshop nor a pool hall. You won't find any gambling machines, overbearing television sets, or blaring piped-in music. Better yet, expect to find yourself a comfortable spot in the quiet front parlor, enjoy a cup or two of good coffee and a good book, or show off battle-scars from that last downhill ride in the public bar over a pint of cask conditioned ale. You will not be processed through the typical restaurant theater, but instead you can stay as long as you wish, right up to the last orders bell.

What is a Public House?

In the British Isles, a Public House, or Pub, is defined as an establishment licensed to sell alcoholic drinks for consumption on the premises and often serving meals as well. The pub is as much an integral part of British culture and society as baseball here in the States; it can only be removed at the expense of national identity.

While America doesn't have the rich tradition of the public house, we can still create a similar environment, adapted to our own way of being, and here's where the other, more informal definition of the public house comes into play. A public house is exactly that - a public house. It's easy. Think about it.

Here's what you may expect to find at the Brewers Union Local 180: